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Customer Survey

How can making use of WordPress Survey Plugins help you gain valuable customer feedback?

How do you know what visitors to your website and potential customers really want? Unless you are a mind reader, you probably need some help figuring out exactly what will help keep people coming back for more.


Now if you are in the customer service industry and you wish to have client retention, you will definitely be looking to give people what they want (or as far as possible anyway).
You need to be open to suggestions and customer feedback and at least try to take it into considerations during your business operations.


Essentially a survey gathers information from your customer base which may or may not be valuable to you as a business owner.
The information you curate could be anything from what they found useful about your product or service, through to what kind of improvements would they suggest and did the service meet their every need.
For a brick and mortar business it is fairly easy to get this information. Retail stores especially make use of customer feedback forms, or they use electronic devices to collate information. They then take this feedback and discuss what can and cannot be done.
But what happens when you own an online store where you sell a product or service exclusively through your website?
The good news is that WordPress offers some incredible and powerful survey plugins, but putting them in place is not as simple as you may think.


In this section we will discuss what you should be looking out for when it comes to choosing the right WordPress survey plugin for your website and your specific needs.

Remember, you may also use a survey to get feedback on what works on your website and what may need some tweaking (in other words a survey is not exclusive to products and services.)

Minimal Use Of Code – The less code involved the better really. It makes life much easier.

Survey forms with filters – If you want to extract specific information from the forms make sure there are filters included.

Exporting of files – if you may want to use the data you collect in a graph or need it for reporting in another format, make sure you can export the survey with ease.

Prebuilt templates – This speaks for itself. Sometimes prebuilt is so much better and less tedious

Responsiveness – many people use their mobile devices more than their computers, so make sure the survey template you use can be accessed and completed on a mobile device with ease.

Spam Protection – prevent people from doing the same survey twice and spamming in general

The above is just some of the features to look out for, and maybe some of the most important.


Now that you know what features to be aware of when it comes to choosing the right plugin, let us look at the top 5 WordPress Survey Plugins available.

  1. WP Forms – One of the best and most popular survey plugins in the world. Why? Because – they have ease of use, are customizable, have multiple functions and they look great. Pricing wise, they are in the higher bracket – but worth every cent.
  2. CROWDSIGNAL – Previously called PollDaddy this plugin is also very popular when it comes to surveys and polls. One thing to note though is that you will need a account in order to use it. Some of the features are; it is shareable, user friendly and has a reporting function. There is a FREE version with limited features, but you can read more about the premium, business and team packages here.
  3. QUIZ AND SURVEY MASTER – This one is not as user friendly if you are new to plugins on your WordPress website, but you can learn it. Some features include email notifications, multi-step surveys and quizzes. Pricing starts at $99/year.
  4. WP POLLS – This one is very simplistic and FREE. But the features are fairly limited. Check boxes and data storing are amongst some of the features. It is completely free.
  5. YOP POLL – This plugin will allow you to create polls to gather feedback from your WordPress website visitors. It is easy to use and easy to implement into your site. It has the ability to allow you to run multiple polls on your website and is customizable. This is one of the top plugins and is open source – meaning it is completely free.

    These are only some of the survey plugins available to you if you have a WordPress website. There are many, but these are among the most popular and most widely used.
    The choice is yours!

It is important that you let your website visitor, customer, and client, have a voice. When they see that you take a vested interest in what they would prefer to see and/or have as a loyal customer, it makes them feel special, it makes them feel like they want to recommend you and makes them want to come back over and over again.
At the end of the day, which plugin (if any) you decide on really depends on what you want and need it to do for you. If you want to speak to someone who can maybe guide you, give us a call.

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