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Creative Ground are one of Australia’s leading WordPress & digital marketing agencies.

We Are Creative Ground

A Full-Service Gold Coast Digital Agency

At Creative Ground, we pride ourselves on being WordPress specialists.
We are a team of creative web designers and developers. We measure our success on the satisfaction of our clients. Our goal is to take your business on a journey while keeping your customers engaged and satisfied. Your success is our success. We’re focused on delivering blazing-fast, stylish superior websites that convert visitors into leads and sales.

Providing our clients with cutting-edge WordPress website development and design combined with new and innovative technological solutions, Creative Ground also aims to further the growth of WordPress as a dependable, cost-effective application software perfect for small business websites.

Leadership Team
We are proud of the team who make your website projects sail smoothly!

Creative Ground
Today we are respected as one of Australia’s leading WordPress & digital marketing agencies.
Where it all started

Our Founders' Story: Kevin Perrow

It all began in London, England, early 2007. I have always wanted to be a web designer / website developer. The idea of creating websites, owning my own company and seeing my websites on the world wide web seemed like a daydream fantasy.

I was working for Computacenter at the time as a Lenovo Business Development Manager, a Lenovo funded head. I was in a good position careerWise and had more than quadrupled my yearly target in the first quarter. Things were looking good for my future. I had just gotten engaged and was a highly paid twenty-six-year-old, but I wasn’t satisfied, I didn’t feel happy inside. Putting on a suit to go to work every day seemed to choke me. I had grown up my whole life surfing, wearing board shorts all day in sunny Durban, South Africa.

My fiance (now wife) at the time knew something wasn’t right with me and one day she sat me down, and we spoke about it. To this day, I remember our words like it was yesterday. I said, “I think I want to be a web designer. The idea of sitting behind a desk creating and working on websites seems like a dream job.” And that’s when Lauren said the words that changed my life forever. She said “Well do it, stop talking about it, go do a course. You are earning enough money now that you can afford to do a decent web design course and if at the end you decide you don’t like it well at least you gave it a try.”

And right there in that moment, our journey began, and Creative Ground was born.

Creative Vision

Discover Creative Ground

Creative Ground has been making the web a better place since 2007.
We first started in the London, England. Before relocating across to South Africa in 2009. Today we call Burleigh Waters our home on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia. We migrated across to Australia in February 2014 and bought our digital agency with us. We specialise in web design, WordPress and digital marketing. 

We don’t limit ourselves by geography or industry. We pride ourselves on the variety of websites we design. This also keeps our designs fresh and creative.
Our goal is to develop stylish, blazing-fast, search engine friendly WordPress website solutions for everyone, small or large.

We have complete website service solutions for start-ups, small to mid-size businesses, enterprise organisations, government and marketing agencies.

We understand the importance of having a highly effective mobile friendly website. Successful websites are those websites that function as a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract new clients, position itself as the industry leader and provide credibility to potential clients. A Successful website will attract the right type of visitors and lead them down the path of becoming a client.

Interested in working with us?

Find out a little more about how we work:

All work that we complete is done in house by ourselves and is not outsourced. We are a proudly owned and operated Australian family business.

Our websites are designed and developed on high performing cutting edge WordPress website themes with unparalleled performance.

Included in our designs is our On-page SEO Optimisation, so you know your website has the best start.

All websites are optimised for speed and performance.

We include a 160+ page WordPress training manual (via downloadable PDF) upon completion. Our training manuals are updated with each new version of WordPress.

We are WordPress and WooCommerce Specialists (the leading online platforms for websites and online stores)

Web Design, WordPress & Digital Marketing Agency.

We design and develop all of our websites on our exclusive Project Board. The advantage of this, is that your current website and SEO will not be affected during the design phase. You know your business, we listen and learn from you. Then we apply our creativity and build a site that best represents your brand, industry, and goals.

We build all websites on a sub-domain of our private development portal. Which means that your current website will not be affected during the design phase and when we take your new site live the change-over will only take 5 to 10 minutes to complete, which we can complete outside of working hours if you would prefer.