Building Trust on Social Media


Building Trust on Social Media

Social Media has become a part of our everyday lives, both personal and business, whether we choose to participate or not! But… if you are not participating in it, you can rest assured that your competitors are and you are losing business! But, how do you create Trust on Social Media with your audience, without constantly shoving advertisements down their throats?

  1. Everybody loves a Human over a Robot!
    No one likes a feeling like they are just being sold to! People want to be bought! Treat your audience like they are your friends and family. Don’t behalf like a robot and just punt punt punt… show that you care – ask questions, find out about your audience’s concerns and interests. It gives your audience and hopefully soon to be followers a sense that they are important and will get the attention that they deserve by being a follower of your page.
  2. Provide Benefit to your Audience
    You are an expert in your field and your audience wants to know this! Earn your client’s trust by adding benefit to them through blogging and answering questions. Be a solution to your audience, rather they come to you for answers than your competitors but… .avoid sounding obnoxious or boastful and of course avoid words that people won’t understand. Remember that you might understand the terminology but your audience might not. Re-read what you have written from your audience’s point of view.
  3. Provide relevant links
    Anytime you post something to social media, ensure that it is correlates – for example that your links match your status. For Example, if you are a travel agent and you write a blog or status update about the most amazing island resort holidays and post a link to your website that is all about climbing mount everest. Also be generous and provide links to other businesses that are informative to your target audience but not your competition. Readers appreciate userful information and links.
  4. Manners, Manners, Manners
    Ensuring that you use your manners you learnt in Kindergarten are so important in Social Media, unless of course your business is marketed at the newer generation, try and avoid slang language. Be courteous, if a customer posts a comment on your wall or gives you a review, not only “like” but say Thank you. Those two simple words are missed out in today’s generation and are greatly appreciated by your target audience. Remember if your competitors aren’t being polite and you are, who are your target audience going to automatically revert to in the future!
  5. Give is Gain
    A Wonderful token phrase by BNI – Givers Gain – is too true. Connect people that could work well together. Or if you know of a client looking for a service that another client of yours offers, then why not connect them? Remember that by giving, people will want to give back in return to say Thank you for the support you have shown them. Become the “go to” person, so if your audience is looking for something, they will ask you because you have a well established network that you can refer to.
  6. Know your Customer / Target Audience
    We all have wants and needs in life and that is just as true for your audience. Know who they are, what they want and what types of questions they are asking. Posting a comment about a heavy metal band you have recently heard isn’t appropriate when your target audience is over the ages 60 and above. Target your audience by centering your posts around their interests and they concerns.

Social media gives you the ability to test your different marketing strategies without the high advertising costs involved. It is the perfect place to see if that advert you have just created will be a hit or miss! So take a chance and see if you can gain interest or make a complete flop of your advertising streams. Social Media platforms give businesses more freedom to experiment. Who knows, the outcome you expect might be very different to the outcome you get! So why not Take a Chance? Follow these simple and easy steps to start building trust on social media.

“If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you” – Zig Ziglar

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