All about building an effective landing page

Creating An Effective Landing Page

What is the best approach to get people to carry on navigating your website once they land there?

An effective and intriguing landing page is the best way.

Landing pages that are appealing and easy on the eye are usually the most popular. You want to make sure that there are parts of it that really stand out at first glance and hold the attention of the audience, at least long enough to make them want to click through and start to navigate the site and see what your business has to offer.

There are many things to consider when writing and designing an effective landing page. You want it to be top notch and the very best it can be. In this article we will touch on a few ways you can make this a reality for your own landing page.

Let’s have a look.


Streamlined – Make your landing page design clean and organized. The overall look will determine how it is received by those who happen upon your website. It will determine how they proceed (if at all). This is important because, after all, your main objective here is to have lead generation convert into a purchase. An effective landing page uses colour and design in smart and interesting ways to capture the attention and make you want to see more.

Straight to the point – Keep the page clean. Make sure there are no distractions, such as pop-ups, and make the information relevant and to the point. The main objective, like we mentioned before, is to convert visitors into buying customers. Nothing more is really needed on a landing page.

Make me an offer – A stand out type of headline, perhaps something that is offering a special deal, is a good start. Make sure that the offer is valuable and will make people want to take a further look, and ultimately indulge in whatever it is you are offering them. Make sure your offer totally knocks your potential customers socks off, you have 8 seconds to convince them, so make it good.

Remember Mobile – A big mistake that many people make is not making their page or website mobile friendly. The vast amount of users that will access your page via mobile means that if they do not get the best user experience on their mobile device, they will navigate away never to return. A statistic states that more than 30% of all web activity comes from mobile users. So make sure you double check these things before you publish your page for all to see.

Maintain Trust – You want to make sure that the visitors to your landing page feel that they can trust you and what you have to offer. There are various signals that you can use on your page to make this happen. Among these could be testimonials or endorsements from past clients.

Make the forms short – Naturally when someone visits your site you want to collect as much data as possible about them so as to make sure you provide them with content that speaks to them and retain them for the long haul. However you do not want to have sign up forms that ask everything from your middle name through to your height and weight and shoe size (unless that pertains to the actual business and service you are providing). What you want to make sure you get are name and surname and email address as well as their permission to email them with marketing material. Once you have that, you can always collect further data via emails as and when needed.

Make it Relevant – It may be beneficial to make your page customized to the audience you are attracting or want to attract and retain. Remember – someone who lands on your page from Facebook is different to someone who comes to your page via an ad.

Test run – You need to make sure your landing page works and looks great and everything on the page works, links, headlines and so on. It does not matter how many times you may need to take it on a test run, please, do it. Make sure all is running smoothly before you publish it and make it live.


So in conclusion, having a landing page is great from a marketing perspective but it needs to take all of the above points into consideration to be a truly amazing and effective one. Change is also good. You can change your page according to the audience and the business needs as they develop.

If you are not too sure where to start or want to have some guidance from experts in the field, get in touch with one of our amazing consultants here at Creative Ground and let us help you.

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