WordPress Web Design.

Creative Ground are experts at the world’s most trusted website platform. We are WordPress web design experts. WordPress is our preferred website design platform. WordPress allows us to create beautiful websites for our clients. WordPress is a website software used to create a beautiful website. From business websites to blogging websites. News site, eCommerce website, LMS Websites, Memberships websites and the list goes on. WordPress gives you the freedom to build anything you want. Whether you require a new website design or website redesign our team are ready to create and impress. We are a WordPress expert website design agency.

Gold Coast WordPress website design experts.

Gold Coast WordPress website design.

WordPress Website Design.

We are passionate website designers, who love WordPress. WordPress is our specialty web platform. It allows us to create powerful, yet elegant, user friendly websites for our clients. WordPress website design set to impress your users. Our website designs are exclusive to you and built to your exact requirements. All our web designs are custom built websites using Premium WordPress Themes. Every website design we create, is tailor made to suit your business model.

Woocommerce website design

Woocommerce websites are powered by WordPress platform.

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce website platform. WooCommerce websites alone, power over 28% of all online website stores. Making it Creative Ground’s favorite eCommerce website software. Ask us, we recommend it! We use WooCommerce for all our eCommerce website designs. Freedom to sell anything, at any time of day, any place you like. WooCommers websites platform is ‘100% translation ready’. This means you can sell your products in multiple languages. You have the freedom to sell in any currency. With options to include shipping costs, locally and globally . We focus on the user friendliness of an ecommerce website. This gives you a real competitive advantage. eCommerce website that works perfectly as well as looking the part.

WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores.

WordPress website design Gold Coast agency.

Mobile friendly WordPress website design for all devices.

All our website are responsive mobile friendly web designs. Your website should meet everyone’s viewing needs. A responsive designed website creates an optimal viewing experience. Capturing your visitors across multiple devices. Delivering seamless viewing across desktops to smartphones and tablets. Future proof your website today with Creative Ground!

Mobile friendly WordPress web design.

The user experience is everything. We create elegant, user friendly WordPress website designs. WordPress web designs that works seamlessly on mobiles, tablets & smartphones. Deliver the right impression with your website.

Delivering remarkable digital experience.

Every website we create looks great, easy to use and works like a dream. Aligned with your online business website goals.

Attract attention with your website.

User friendly website design that works on multiple devices. They look equally good and work seamlessly on all devices.

Mobile web is growing incredibly fast.

The user experience is everything. You want a website design that works seamlessly on mobiles, tablets & smartphones.

Mobile friendly WordPress web design.

Winning with your WordPress business web design.

There’s a lot more to a WordPress web design than beautiful pictures, colours and fonts.

Deliver the right impression.

A great business website design drives enquiries and encourages sales. Delivering a professional online brand experience for your website.

Social media integration.

Implementing social media onto your website. Making it easy to share your story’s with your friends, family and colleges.

Simplicity in web design.

Creating a WordPress website design, that are easy to understand. User friendly websites that are simple to interact with.

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Need a website redesign on WordPress?

From dated web design to modern WordPress website redesign.

Most new visitors to your website will judge it within seconds. Having an updated website that is clean and a modern web design. Makes the difference between repeat customers and one-time visitors.

Modern website redesign on WordPress.

Redesigning your website using existing content. Redesigned with a fresh, clean, user friendly website layout. Leaving your users feeling engaged.

Mobile friendly website.

A clean mobile friendly web design layout. Have your website look and feel beautiful on multiple viewing devices.

Creative Ground are experts at the worlds most trusted website platform.

WordPress web design experts on the Gold Coast.

We’re experts at the world’s most trusted website platform.

WordPress web design specialist.

WordPress is a website software used to create a beautiful website. From business websites to blogging websites. News site, eCommerce website, LMS Websites, Memberships websites and the list goes on. WordPress gives you the freedom to build anything you want.

Creative Ground are WordPress web design Gold Coast experts. We have been using WordPress to create beautiful websites since 2010.

All our website designs are mobile friendly. We use only the very best WordPress premium website themes. The best premium WordPress plugins available. We have tried and tested each and every plugin and theme we use create websites. Our testing includes website response times. Cross web browser testing. Mobile friendliness across desktops to smartphones and tablets.

Mobile friendly WordPress web design.

WordPress Web Design.

WordPress Web Design.

WordPress Website Design.

How Creative Ground future proof your business.

  • We use only the very best WordPress premium themes and plugins. These themes and plugins are widely used and continuously support.
  • We follow the latest industry standards in WordPress web design elements.
  • Our WordPress web designs, allow you the flexibility for growth. Allowing your website to grow with your business without needing a redesign.
  • You can easily refresh your website look and feel without redesigning it.
  • Responsive mobile friendly websites. This means that your website will work across multiple screen sizes. Whether you are viewing your website on an iPad, Smartphone, home or office computer, it will adapt to the screen size.
  • Our WordPress website designs are SEO ready, for easy website optimization.
  • We test all our website designs, on multiple web browsers to insure browser compatibility. Test websites on different operating systems and multiple devices.
WordPress optimization improve website performance.

WordPress website designer and SEO specialist, on the Gold Coast Australia.

WordPress website design features.

In addition to your unique website design requirements. Our WordPress base platform, includes a rich and robust website design. A web design packed with powerful features that include:

Website ownership.

We guarantee you that ownership of the website will transfer across to you upon completion of the website and receipt of final payment.

Website content.

You will have the ability to edit, add and delete your own website content personally. The system will also store a set number of revisions so you can rest assured that if you make a mistake, you can always roll back to an earlier revision at the touch of a click.

Custom URLs for content.

WordPress has the ability to generate search engine friendly URL’s for all items. You will even have the ability to override the URL that is generated with a unique URL that you are wanting to set.

Social networking.

We include social media links to all your social media accounts in the top bar and footer of your website to encourage your website visitors to travel through to your social media accounts and engage with you further.

SEO ( Search engine optimisation ).

Our base solution includes tools and techniques for search engine optimisation including: SEO Title Tag, Slug, Meta Description, Focus Keyword and Website Sitemap.


You can add blogs easily at any stage. If your website doesn’t include Blogs and you decide you would like to incorporate blogs, this can be done at the touch of a button. No need to get a new website built.

Frequently asked questions.

We provide a simple to use interface for creating and listing frequently asked questions.

Mailchimp intergration.

We integrate mailchimp into your website so that when someone signs up to your newsletter their details automatically filter into your Mailchimp account ( if applicable ).

Website services.

Showcase your business services on your website. Freedom to edit, add or delete services when needed.

Web security.

Upon taking your website live, we ensure that your website is secure. This will help to reduce your exposure to potential hacking.


Creative Ground’s websites include Google Captcha’s as mechanisms for blocking spam on your website.


You will have the ability to schedule your content and blogs. This way your website will only “publish” your information at a certain time and date that you have selected. This is great for setting up several blogs and scheduling unique dates for each or for scheduling a promotion page to only go live when the promotion starts.

Contact forms.

We incorporate anti-spam contact forms on your website which encourage the end user to easily complete. The completed form will be emailed through to you. These forms also allow for tracking of entries captured.

Advance web page layouts.

We use the industry leading website page builders that will provide you with a simple yet powerful mechanism for creating simple to complex website page layouts without any coding knowledge.

Custom website menus.

You will have full control over your website Menus and can easily setup more menus. Edit, Add or delete any items on your websites whenever you wish.

Responsive website design.

A responsive / mobile friendly website design is favoured by Google. A responsive website automatically resizes to all browser sizes including tablets and mobile phones. All of our websites are responsive in design.

Cross browser support.

The ability for a website, web application, HTML constructs script to support all the web browsers. Compatible with all major browsers available, means a website will work in several web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. While cross-browser means a website works in any browser, and any version of the browser, being used.

Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generated detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. We will include your google analytics tag into your website so that it can start tracking from day one. If you don’t have a Google Analytics account we can set one up for you ( review optional extras on the quotation page for more information ).

WordPress Web Design. SEO. Web Optimization. Web Security. WordPress Websites.

Professional Web Design Gold Coast

Professional Web Design

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WordPress Website Design Gold Coast.

Web Design. SEO. Web Optimization. Web Security. WordPress Websites.

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