Creative Ground are Google Adwords certified experts.

Google AdWords.

Get your ad on Google today!

  • Only pay when someone clicks on your advert, so you are only paying for results.
  • Flexible budgeting allowing you to choose how much you are willing to pay when someone clicks on your advert.
  • PLUS, you can start with any budget that suits you comfortably.
  • There are no lock in contracts, simply pause, adjust or end a campaign.
  • Simple payment options from credit or debit card to bank payment payable directly to Google.
  • Real-time reporting of visits and adwords spend. Google adwords is measurable, accountable and flexible.
  • Easy use of keyword planner, helps to generate keywords and ad group ideas based on industry historical statistics to maximise exposure, budget and conversions.
  • Creation of multiple ad campaigns for testing and measuring to ensure most successful advert is utilized for your business.
  • Running SEO and a Google Adwords campaign will help boost your websites ranking.

Creative Ground are a Google Certified Partner.
Creative Ground are a Google Certified Partner.

Google Adwords, SEO Specialist Gold Coast.

Google Adwords.

Online Advertising that is targeted, measureable and cost-effective.

Creative Ground are Google Adwords certified experts.

Why invest in Google AdWords?

Attract more customers and get your business found.

  • Increase your business exposure by getting new visits to your website which can be used to increase your online sales. Get your phone ringing today with Google Adwords.

Be audience specific at the right time.

  • Get found by the right demographic target audience at exactly the right time, when they are searching for your products or services. Pinpoint exactly who gets to see your advert.

Dream big, connect with customers locally and globally.

  • Advertising locally and globally has never been easier. Google Adwords allows for targeting of countries, regions, cities or perhaps a set distance range from your business.

Designed for multiple device marketing.

  • Whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device, Adwords will help you reach your clients with ease.


Google Adwords is the most economical form of advertising.

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