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Understanding Link Building with Creative Ground

Understanding Link Building

Understanding Link Building You have decided you need to do some form of online marketing and there are so many options from Google Adwords, SEO, Social Media marketing to Newsletter marketing and they can all be so confusing. But everyone you speak to keep mentioning Link Building and they are right. Link building is a…

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The importance of SEO on your Website

The importance of SEO on your Website

The Importance of SEO on your Website. The importance of SEO on your website starts with understanding how it works and what search engine Optimization or SEO means. The main goal of SEO is that it makes life easier for search engines to find your website. And if your business relies on your website, then…

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Benefits of Blogging

Benefits of Blogging

Benefits of Blogging. Benefits of Blogging – Search Visibility, Leads and Conversions We’re often asked about the importance of blogging for a business, especially by smaller businesses. We are all time poor in today’s age with small businesses often suffering the most or simply just not having the skill set to blog or think of topics…

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Creative Ground, Top Tips for SEO.

Top Tips for SEO

Top Tips for SEO Top Tips for SEO – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important parts of creating a website that pulls in natural, targeted traffic. SEO encompasses so much about building a successful website that it can seem intimidating or impossible to really cover all the ground you want to cover.…

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Creative Ground. Blogging on your website.

Blogging on your Website

Blogging on your Website. A lot of people get really confused between blogs and websites. But in reality blogs are websites and websites are blogs today. At least they should be. Some business owners will create a beautiful website, then go to Blogger or to create a blog. Then they put all their content…

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Outsourcing work with Creative Ground.

When Should you Outsource Work

When Should you Outsource Work? There is a lot to be done when you own a business and most of it is to be done by you. It is easy to get overwhelmed and burned out. Outsourcing can be a way to ease the burden, but when should you consider it a viable option? Running…

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Build your brand with your web design.

Three Tips for Building Your Brand with Web Design

Three Tips for Building Your Brand with Web Design. You’ve worked hard building your business. The image you work so hard to build up and maintain is called your “brand”. All a brand is really is a symbol that represents everything you want your business to mean to the public. Every aspect of your business…

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Could poor testimonials affect sales.

Could Poor Testimonials Affect Sales?

Could Poor Testimonials Affect Sales? What do customers think of your business? If you don’t know, you might want to find out. What they are saying could be affecting your sales. The Importance of Customers Customers are the backbone of any business. This includes online enterprises. Customers look to be treated in the same fashion…

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Awesome graphics design software.

Awesome Graphics Software

Awesome Graphics Software. Manipulating graphics is a fun pastime and can even become a profitable venture if you know where to find the right tools. Today, there are so many different software applications to choose from. You can find anything from high-end and expensive graphics software to fully functional but free graphics software. Here are…

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Dos and Donts of SEO.

Dos and Donts of SEO

Dos and Donts of SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important element of bringing visitors to your website. In fact, it is the most important element. It involves everything from the layout of your website, to choosing fonts, to the articles and content on your website. All of this should be organized around the…

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Core elements of testimonials on your website.

Core Elements of Testimonials

Core Elements of Testimonials. Testimonials are, in many ways, a lot like case studies. A case study is designed to present a problem or challenge, to demonstrate how the problem was resolved, and then to highlight the results. Good testimonials also contain those three elements. Let’s take a look at them individually. #1 The Challenge…

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Blogging with Integrity. Creative Ground, Gold Coast website design company.

Blogging with Integrity

Blogging with Integrity. Blogging with Integrity – Building an Online Business You Can Be Proud Of Blogging is a huge component to business success today. It doesn’t matter if you have a bricks and mortar business or a solely online business, blogging is essential to your success. But, much in the same way that blogging…

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Affiliate Program.

Creating a Winning Affiliate Program

Creating a Winning Affiliate Program. If you are a person who wants to create and market your own products and services, one of the marketing methods that works well is to create an affiliate program. Today, it’s easy to create an affiliate program with services such as ClickBank and E-junkie. However, just uploading your products…

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Social Media Marketing.

Common Link-Building Mistakes

Common Link-Building Mistakes. Building incoming links to your website is a common off-page search engine optimization (SEO) strategy used by most webmasters and online marketers. The point of link building is to build up your authority to the search engines so that you can get more traffic to your website. But the problem with link…

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Does your Website need an update?

Does Your Website Need an Update?

Does Your Website Need an Update? If you first created your website from a template just because you wanted to be “on the web” but you’ve never updated it, and your website has no real traffic, it might be time to explore the idea of updating it. After all, a website is an excellent marketing…

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Mobile Commerce Gold Coast web design. Creative Ground.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce. From coffee shops to book stores to personal trainers, mobile commerce is taking off. Coffee shop visitors can order and pay via text, then just pick up their orders, Retail stores are offering new ways to purchase via mobile device, and even personal trainers can get in on the game by offering in-person…

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Components of a Complete Ebook.

Components of a Complete EBook

Components of a Complete EBook. In order to have a professional eBook, it is best to stick with conventional wisdom about what goes into a complete book rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. People are accustomed to seeing certain information in a book that they buy, and your eBook is no exception. If you…

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Achieving Maximum results from Blog Posting.

Achieving Maximum Results from Blog Posting

Achieving Maximum Results from Blog Posting. Creating a blog to attract traffic to your website, products and services is a must in today’s competitive Internet marketing space. Blog postings are probably the most important part of your content marketing campaign. The content from each blog post will attract, inform, engage, and compel your readers to…

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How to use video to improve your blogs.

How to Use Video to Improve Your Blog 

How to Use Video to Improve Your Blog With the rise in popularity of video sharing sites like, video is becoming more popular than ever. It’s easy today now that pretty much every smartphone is equipped with video capabilities and small high resolution digital cameras are inexpensive. Plus, editing software can even be free…

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One Page Membership Website Business Gold Coast.

One Page Membership Website Business Plan 

One Page Membership Website Business Plan When you start any new business you should always write a business plan. A business plan will help you determine what type of technology you need, what niche you want to target, what products and services you’ll offer your membership and exactly how you plan to deliver it and…

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Why Social Media isn't enough?

Why Social Media Isn’t Enough 

Why Social Media Isn’t Enough Some small business owners are tossing their websites and creating social media pages instead. They figure it’s easier, costs less, and will work just as well as having a website. The problem is, they couldn’t be more wrong. Social media isn’t enough to create real progress in a small business.…

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Website branding services Gold Coast.

Your Website As Your Branding Tool

Your Website As Your Branding Tool Branding your business helps you develop a relationship with your potential and current customers by helping them understand your business’s personality, products and/or services. By developing a brand that people feel they know and understand, you can start to compete with other businesses in a whole new way. You…

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Creative Ground Web Trends.

Top 5 Web Design Trends to Watch In 2015

Top 5 Web Design Trends to Watch In 2015 Before discussing on the upcoming trends of web design, it is important to check out the trends in 2014. By analyzing this, you can notice that the key trend that came out in 2014 was ‘simplicity’. The focus was on making the website simple and user-friendly…

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WordPress Web Design Gold Coast.

5 Benefits to having a Website

5 Benefits to having a Website While you are working hard, on the road or out of town, allow potentially new clients and existing clients to find out about your company, products information and / or contact you via e-mail. Your website is your most valuable tool for advertising and generating new business. 5 Benefits to having…

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Custom designed website services on the Gold Coast.

Top 5 Business Website Mistakes

Top 5 Business Website Mistakes Top 5 Business Websites That People Make Without Knowing It Here are 5 big website no-nos! Mistake 1: Focusing on features instead of the benefits of your service or product. Mistake 2: Not considering SEO (Search engine optimisation). Your clients good their products and an effective SEO allows them to find…

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