Top 5 Web Design Trends to Watch In 2015

Creative Ground Web Trends.

Before discussing on the pcoming trends of web design, it is important to check out the trends in 2014. By analyzing this, you can notice that the key trend that came out in 2014 was ‘simplicity’. The focus was on making the website simple and user-friendly to draw more traffic. Moreover, this is likely to continue in 2015 also.

Based on the very concept of simplicity, here are few trends to watch for in 2015.

1. Responsive:
It is not a surprise for us as responsive designs have been in the business for sometime now. Websites are being created for smartphones and PCs along with we need to build websites to work on devices like smart watches, appliances, cars along with aforementioned gadgets. If you already have a responsive website, then good enough, you are ready to go. By 2015, all possible solutions would emerge and websites would start running on gadgets like smart watches through responsive websites.

2. Ghost Buttons:
This one is one of the newest of all. These ghost buttons are classy and attractive. In addition, of late they incorporate little delicate hover animation. Minimal in approach, these buttons are able enough to the designer swoon. These gorgeous buttons have numerous practical applications too. They are best for any kind of call to action over large background images or videos.

3. Flat Design:
It is more or less obvious that trends of 2014 would continue in 2015 also. The biggest trend of 2014 is likely to gain the similar momentum in the coming year too. There are two major points to back it up and they are its minimalist approach, clutter-free web design and content focused. Flat designs are easier for web servers to deliver to gadgets like phones and tablets. It’s perfect merger of form with function.

4. Scrolling:
In the past few years, scrolling has been a habit. With smartphones and tablets coming in to our lives, we have become used to scrolling. It has taken over clicking. Users love scrolling down to check all you have. Thus, a lengthy home page works well nowadays and builds the user engagement stronger. The scope of dynamic interaction increases. However, it is not about building a one-page website. However, keeping a detailed home page surely brings users to your website.

5. Large Images & Typography:
These two options are surely going to rule in 2015. Big background images would surely make its mark. Aesthetically capture your user base and targeted audience. A prominent tagline, ghost button call for action over the bold image – all these would surely work wonder in 2015. With increased bandwidth, the speed would also not be hampered. Now, coming to typography, in 2015 this one will also rule. Simple and bold typography with strong image background would be the talk of the town. There could be advances in the responsive typography.

Therefore, we can expect the heavy hitters of 2014 to rule in the coming year too. However, there will be little advancements in the field and developments to make it more dynamic and effective

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