Top 5 Business Website Mistakes

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Top 5 Business Websites That People Make Without Knowing It

Here are 5 big website no-nos!

Mistake 1: Focusing on features instead of the benefits of your service or product.

Mistake 2: Not considering SEO (Search engine optimisation). Your clients good their products and an effective SEO allows them to find you easily and first.

Mistake 3: Allowing your website to stagnate. Ensure that you update the content and pictures. Google does not like a stagnant website. Run specials, promote products, update pictures etc…

Mistake 4: Leaving off your contact information. Clients should be able to contact you with queries, orders and suggestions.

Mistake 5: For online stores, making it difficult for clients to checkout. The fewer steps the more enticing it is for a client to purchase from you.

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