Tips to generate Business Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Business.

Success of anything depends on its foundation. If you have a strong base, the pillar of success would never go down. It is also true with social networking sites. If you have a strong profile, you will surely be noticed. LinkedIn is no exception to this.

A strong LinkedIn profile is your only weapon to beat others. If your profile is not doing well, make sure to follow these few tips to connect with your potential business houses.

1. Make your profile easily accessible:
Build you profile in such a way that businesses can find you easily. Optimize your profile for the prospects. You need to reach to the top of the searching page. Get the keywords that your clients use while searching and build your profile accordingly. Use the domain specific keywords while drafting your profile.

2. Give reasons to Connect with you:
Why should someone connect with you in LinkedIn? There has to be some reason behind it, right? Highlight your primary skills to draw attention. Coming to the top of the search result will not be enough. Draft a compelling headline and show your skills strategically. You can also use location name in your headline to draw the local prospects. It is important to have a professional headshot. Your skills, experience and professionalism should be the reason for connecting.

3. Give reasons to take Actions:
Just making your prospects, land in your page does not serve the purpose; you need to make them take further actions. First thing that is seen is your summary. Make it precise and crisp. This should be client specific and feed the need of the client. LinkedIn is a business-building tool, use it accordingly and not like your resume. People would care about what you do and what you can’t do. Your profile should directly speak to your prospects. Through your profile, guide them what to do and how to do.

4. Grow connects:
To reach to a broader customer base, you need to increase your connects. Connect with second, third level of connections as well. This will help you grow your network and reach to a broader audience. You can also join groups to connect with new people. Also, accept most of the incoming requests.

5. Follow with the new connections:
Don’t remain silent after connecting. Keep following up with your new connects and maintain the same with the existing ones. This will help them remember and can recall you in times of need. Add some value for them. Endorse their skills. The more you stay connected the more you will get the opportunities.

All these steps would surely help you in building your LinkedIn profile strong and develop your business. However, there could many more such steps that could be added, some personalized touches that could add value. Don’t forget to work on them as well.

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