Why Social Media Isn’t Enough 

Why Social Media isn't enough?

Some small business owners are tossing their websites and creating social media pages instead. They figure it’s easier, costs less, and will work just as well as having a website. The problem is, they couldn’t be more wrong. Social media isn’t enough to create real progress in a small business. You still need a website.

You Own Your Website

The fact is, you don’t own any social media account you have. You probably don’t even own the content on it. Take a look at the terms of service and you’ll discover that you have very little control over what they do. They can cancel you at any time. With a website you build on your own server space, you own the content and no matter what happens in the social media universe, you will still have that home on the net.

Your Website Should Be the Home of All Online Content

When using social media to promote your business, the truth is that you should be placing the content on your website and then pointing people to your website to read it. Your website is where you need to house all your content, information, resources, products and service descriptions so that your visitors, and future customers, have a place to go to learn more. Social media is only the means by which you build traffic.

Websites Are Taken More Seriously as a Business

You have little control over the appearance of any social media site. But you have 100 percent control over the appearance, mood and content of your website. Designing a quality website for your clients and future clients to visit says a lot about how seriously you take your business. Clients will take your business about as seriously as you do.

Your Email Address Will Be More Professional

Having an email @gmail.com or @yahoo.com or @comcast.com simply is not professional. If you want to be seen as professional and a real business owner you need to have a professional website email address such as @yourbusiness.com. You’ll automatically be viewed as more professional and you’ll feel more professional, too. That attitude will carry over.

You’ll Reach More People

Due to the fact that you’ll reach more people, you’ll have more customers. Your return on investment for a well-designed website will far outpace any time you spend on social media trying to drum up business. Yes, social media is great, but nothing can replace you website which should be the center of all your online marketing.

While social media is great for reaching out to customers, the biggest way that you’re going to get more traffic and more buyers is by placing content on your website. Your content will be keyword rich, written for your audience, and they can find you without social media. Social media is just an addition to your website efforts and part of the package of online marketing, but it’s not a replacement for your website.

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