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Creative Ground, LinkedIn for Business.

Networking on LinkedIn

Networking on LinkedIn. is a very buttoned up, business-focused social media network. It’s a very important player in social media marketing for business owners. It’s important to take LinkedIn seriously, but don’t be afraid to get started even if your business isn’t as buttoned up as some of the others you will find on…

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Instragam for business, Creative Ground.

Use Instagram in your Business

Use Instagram in your Business Use Instagram in your Business – Social networking has created a wealth of opportunities for business owners. Facebook and Twitter make it quick and easy for them to get their message out to their audience, wherever they may be. But the world of social networking is constantly evolving, so it’s…

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Achieving maximum results from Facebook.

Achieving Maximum Results From Facebook

Achieving Maximum Results From Facebook. Achieving maximum results from Facebook then you’ll need to ensure that you’re using Facebook with focus and purpose paying attention to details. First, create a Facebook profile and a Facebook business page that has complete information with links back to your website or blog, and a good image that people will…

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Outsourcing work with Creative Ground.

When Should you Outsource Work

When Should you Outsource Work? There is a lot to be done when you own a business and most of it is to be done by you. It is easy to get overwhelmed and burned out. Outsourcing can be a way to ease the burden, but when should you consider it a viable option? Running…

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Creating and using Infographics and charts.

Creating and Using Infographics and Charts

Creating and Using Infographics and Charts Pinterest has emerge as the newest development in industry branding. You should utilize placing visuals to aid achieve a following on your boards and then hyperlink again to your website. Here is the right way to create and use infographics to support with business. What Are Infographics? Consider of…

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Google Ad Mistakes.

Google Ad Mistakes That Advertisers Make

Google Ad Mistakes That Advertisers Make. In order for your business to grow, you have to reach your audience with words that will motivate them to take action. This cannot be accomplished without some sort of marketing campaign. If you use Google AdWords then you are well on your way to establishing advertising that will…

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Awesome graphics design software.

Awesome Graphics Software

Awesome Graphics Software. Manipulating graphics is a fun pastime and can even become a profitable venture if you know where to find the right tools. Today, there are so many different software applications to choose from. You can find anything from high-end and expensive graphics software to fully functional but free graphics software. Here are…

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Core elements of testimonials on your website.

Core Elements of Testimonials

Core Elements of Testimonials. Testimonials are, in many ways, a lot like case studies. A case study is designed to present a problem or challenge, to demonstrate how the problem was resolved, and then to highlight the results. Good testimonials also contain those three elements. Let’s take a look at them individually. #1 The Challenge…

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Webinar Mistakes.

Webinar mistakes and How to Avoid them

Webinar mistakes and How to Avoid them. Holding a webinar is an effective way to connect with your audience and present information. But if you’re not careful, you could end up boring or annoying them. Here are seven common webinar mistakes and how you can avoid them. 1. Poor audio and/or video – If you’re…

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Promoting your Instagram Profile.

Promoting Your Instagram Profile

Promoting Your Instagram Profile. Instagram is an excellent tool for promoting your business and its website. But in order to get the best possible results, it’s important to promote your Instagram profile as well. Here are some of the best ways to get the word out. * Get a badge. Instagram makes it easy to…

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What is Instagram?

What is Instagram

What is Instagram? Launched in 2010, Instagram is an online photo sharing service that has taken the world by storm. By its third month of existence, it had gained its first million registered users. Today, it boasts millions of users with hundreds of millions of photos uploaded. The company was purchased by Facebook for around…

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Social Media Marketing.

Common Link-Building Mistakes

Common Link-Building Mistakes. Building incoming links to your website is a common off-page search engine optimization (SEO) strategy used by most webmasters and online marketers. The point of link building is to build up your authority to the search engines so that you can get more traffic to your website. But the problem with link…

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Using Twitter Effectively.

Using Twitter Effectively

Using Twitter Effectively. With over 554 million active Twitter users, and more than 58 million tweets going out each day, Twitter is an important component of all your social media marketing campaigns. But, with that many tweets going out each day, you need to learn to use Twitter effectively to make a difference. Know the…

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Benefits of Social Media, Beyond Marketing.

Benefits of Social Media, Beyond Marketing!

Benefits of Social Media, Beyond Marketing! Most business owners understand the value of using social media to market their business. They create Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, and dutifully fill out their Bing business listing – all in the hope of expanding their marketing efforts. However, did you know there are many more benefits of social…

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Components of a Complete Ebook.

Components of a Complete EBook

Components of a Complete EBook. In order to have a professional eBook, it is best to stick with conventional wisdom about what goes into a complete book rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. People are accustomed to seeing certain information in a book that they buy, and your eBook is no exception. If you…

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Social Media Monitoring tools to simplify your efforts.

Social Media Monitoring Tools to Simplify Your Efforts

Social Media Monitoring Tools to Simplify Your Efforts It can be difficult to manage all the different social media opportunities out there for your business. There are specific tools per social media type, but there are also tools that work across different types of accounts to help you find out what the buzz is, know…

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Boost your reach by joining LinkedIn groups.

Boost Your Reach by Joining LinkedIn Groups 

Boost Your Reach by Joining LinkedIn Groups Social media marketing is about expanding your connections and reaching more clients and potential clients. Even though is a more buttoned up way to participate in social media, it is still a great way to expand your connections. One way in which to do that through LinkedIn…

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Why Social Media isn't enough?

Why Social Media Isn’t Enough 

Why Social Media Isn’t Enough Some small business owners are tossing their websites and creating social media pages instead. They figure it’s easier, costs less, and will work just as well as having a website. The problem is, they couldn’t be more wrong. Social media isn’t enough to create real progress in a small business.…

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Six Things to Consider When Choosing Email List Technology

Six Things to Consider When Choosing Email List Technology 

Six Things to Consider When Choosing Email List Technology One of the most important choices you’ll make when you embark on adding email marketing to your plan is which email list technology to pick. There are many very good technologies available from which to choose. In order to find the right one for your business,…

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Achieving Maximum results from Twitter

Achieving Maximum results from Twitter Twitter, with its over 200 million active users, is a force to be reckoned with if you want to be serious about marketing on the internet. It might seem like a joke to market your business in 140 characters or less, but successful Twitter markets aren’t laughing – well okay…

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LinkedIn for Business.

Tips to generate Business Using LinkedIn

Tips to generate Business Using LinkedIn Success of anything depends on its foundation. If you have a strong base, the pillar of success would never go down. It is also true with social networking sites. If you have a strong profile, you will surely be noticed. LinkedIn is no exception to this. A strong LinkedIn…

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Creative Ground Google Plus for Business.

Some Overlooked Benefits of Google+ For Businesses

Some Overlooked Benefits of Google+ For Businesses. Google+ has lot to offer for our businesses and it does so but we often overlook it. However, in this discussion, we would see how it benefits our business and takes it to a new height. Google+ being one of the platforms of Google always holds in itself…

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17 ways to master LinkedIn’s professional publishing platform.

17 Ways To Master LinkedIn’s Professional Publishing Platform

17 Ways To Master LinkedIn’s Professional Publishing Platform When LinkedIn launched as a professional social community  in 2003, it claimed a place in the social space that was not yet represented. LinkedIn is exclusively focused on professional B2C and B2B connections and activities. LinkedIn’s long form publishing, originally opened to “influencers” was opened up to 25K+…

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7 Silly Hashtag Mistakes No One Should Make

7 Silly Hashtag Mistakes No One Should Make Hashtags were initially introduced to Twitter to make it easier for users to keep track of certain types of content on Twitter and find the people and topics most relevant to their interests. Today, hashtags have become a cultural phenomenon — they’re on almost every social network and used…

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Business videos services Gold Coast.

9 Ways to Improve Social Sharing on Business Videos

9 Ways to Improve Social Sharing on Business Videos. Creating a video is a great way to showcase your business or service. The time and effort you put into this marketing material can really pay off — if people watch it. So how do you tap into the power of social sharing online? To find…

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Social Media.

Building Trust on Social Media

Building Trust on Social Media Social Media has become a part of our everyday lives, both personal and business, whether we choose to participate or not! But… if you are not participating in it, you can rest assured that your competitors are and you are losing business! But, how do you create Trust on Social…

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