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Simply The Best Page Builder Elementor

We have looked at themes and how they work for your website as well as what makes one theme stand out from another. But what about page builders? Which is the best on the market and why should you choose it?

At the moment the answer to the aforementioned question is – Elementor. Elementor is taking the world by storm and for various reasons across the board.

Elementor – even sounds pretty cool!

But what about THIS page builder is so special and why does everyone want it on their website?

In this article, we will look at all the great things about Elementor and why you would be remiss not to give it a try. You will learn what it is, how it functions and ultimately what it means for you overall.

Sit back and take a few minutes to find out why Elementor is just the plug-in you have been waiting for.


When you start with WordPress you will get the option of themes that allow you to have customizable templates and so forth. You will also get a range of plug-ins that are available – one of which is the one we are discussing here – Elementor.

Here are some things that make Elementor stand out from the crowd.

  1. Elementor allows you to create more original looking posts as opposed to the standard templates that you may find with whatever theme you choose on WordPress. This is highly beneficial because original, unique content is what captures the attention of an audience and makes them want to see more.
  2. You get a 100% separate interface to work on your posts and pages — the bulk of your work doesn’t happen in the standard block editor that comes with WordPress.
  3. Using Elementor does not require mad coding skills at all. Everything can be done through a very user-friendly interface with very little fuss.
  4. It works on the front end of your website, this means you get to see what you have created straight away in the exact way you would see it if you were visiting the website for the first time. This is great because immediately you can pick up if any changes need to be made to make it look top dollar.
  5. Even though you may have a really awesome theme on your WordPress website, Elementor allows you to create any content layout you can think of, over and above what the current theme offers.
  6. The most important super power – the fact that Elementor can work perfectly fine with whatever theme you may be using, seamlessly and effortlessly.

Having so many great benefits such as these as well as being super user-friendly means that anyone can go ahead and create incredible content and page layouts no matter their skillset when it comes to website building.

I think the fact that well over 3 million websites are currently using Elementor speaks volumes for just how amazing and versatile this page builder is.

Not completely convinced just yet?

Here are some added features and benefits which may help make the decision to get Elementor a little easier.


  1. More than 90 elements to choose from — images, headings, buttons, carousels, counters, progress bars, testimonials and more.
  2. The drag-and-drop benefit. You can pretty much make any change just by dragging and dropping and element and putting it where you want.
  3. The fact that as you are designing your website you get to see it exactly how your website visitors will when they land upon your page.
  4. A big plus is a fact that the pages are all mobile friendly and SEO responsive. Mobile-friendliness is a big one since most of us spend most of our time on mobile devices.
  5. As with most page builders and themes, you also get a Pro version of Elementor which allows you to modify your theme’s core elements such as the header and footer.
  6. An added benefit is the revision history, so you can revert back to a previous version of the page in case something went a bit amiss and you are not too sure how to rectify it.


Elementor is FREE! Yay, we love the free things right?

As mentioned previously, there is a PRO version of Elementor, but the honest truth is that you probably would not need it in a hurry. Almost all the cool and special features and benefits of Elementor are available on the FREE version.

Just so that you have all the facts about Elementor – here is what the PRO version offers you:

  • 50-plus additional content elements/modules.
  • 300-plus additional page templates.
  • Theme Builder (the element where you can change the headers and footers of your current theme).
  • WooCommerce Builder (the element that allows you do rebuild your WooCommerce product pages).
  • Popup Builder (an element where you can build pop-ups and have them integrated with either an opt-in form or some special offer/discount).
  • Visual Form Builder (comes with integrations with popular marketing tools).
  • You can create Global Widgets and then reuse them throughout the site.
  • Add custom CSS to any Elementor block.
  • Deploy Elementor elements in sidebars and widgets.

Pricing for the PRO version ranges from $49 per year for 1 site to $199 per year for 1000+ sites.


Basically you will need to download it and activate it before you can use it. You can then go straight into WordPress pages and start creating. You will see an “Edit with Elementor” button. Click on that and get to work.


This page builder truly is amazing and I think it is suited to anyone who wants to create great-looking pages for their website but has little to no coding skills whatsoever.

It is the ultimate DIY tool when it comes to page building on your website.

It is user-friendly, has so many fun features and is just wonderful for anyone really.


Is Elementor “Simply the Best”? Well, we believe that it is definitely one of the top page builders!

Overall, Elementor is awesome and gaining traction and could possibly be the most widely used and most favored page builder before we know it.

Thanks for reading, and happy page-building!

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