6 Reasons Why YOU Shouldn’t Build Your Own Business Website

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Some people consider it easy to develop their own website. Yes it is easy to use a website tool developer for you and drag and drop around pictures and insert wording.

However your website is setup to templates that are not unique to your business or your idea of a website. When developing a website there are design codes that happen in the background that web developers are savvy with. Let us explain why you shouldn’t build your own website:

Wordpress Web Design Reason 1: Technical support This is a biggie! Consider if you develop your own site and something goes wrong. You know nothing about coding and cannot fix the mistake. Who do you ask for help?

Reason 2: Customization Website develop tools do not leave room for customization. The templates available are not unique to your business and you cannot add in additional information required. There is limited or no customization.

Reason 3: Security Do you really want to give your customer a virus? Hackers insert viruses into websites on a daily basis which could affect clientele that visit your website. Professional developers are able to assist with this. Check your website using Sucuri Site Scanner.
Reason 4: Efficiency Developing a website is a lot more work than you think. As you have probably never developed one before you will probably find that it will take more time than you have to give to it. You could spend all week working on it instead of focusing on your clients and generating sales. You could struggle with broken images, dead links etc… and have nowhere to turn. Why not let someone who is trained do it for you. It will save you time and in the long run money!

Reason 5: Professionalism Speaks a thousand words. A website not designed by a professional generally looks unprofessional.

Reason 6: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Yes we all know about SEO but how do we go about it? SEO is critial for websites. You need to ensure that your website is appealing to search engines i.e: Google. SEO allows for exposure of your website to potential clients and don’t you want to get maximum exposure?

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