Reverse Panda, Google has surprised the online community with a Quality Update, or is it?

Reverse Panda, Google has surprised the online community

Google has surprised the online community with a Quality Update, or is it? The new algorithm rolled out on the 3rd May 2015, really require our attention as many say that this is a Core Algorithm Update. You will remember that when Google announced Panda, there were approximately 5% of the internet that was affected immediately. So what can we expect with Google Reverse Panda? We hash this out and review the “quality update” from Google. As Google hasn’t officially given this a name, there has been a lot of talk with Reverse Panda being the favourite.

Hubspot suggests that less contributing (not contributing new, quality content to google) “How-to” websites such as HubPages and eHow have lost rankings. Google Panda and Penguin have also been about quality and we are not expecting any changes with regards to that. This new update is set to positively influence rankings of websites that provide quality content, whereas Google Panda was set to penalise websites that lacked quality content, hence why the name Reverse Panda has been widely accepted.

With the vast number of websites on the internet, Google is simply trying to weed out the websites that are not contributing and giving back to the community. It’s all about quality content not quantity. So it is time to up your game, and quickly.

If you use Google Webmaster Tools or as it is now known as Google Search Console, you will probably not find any notifications about “Reverse Panda”. It is not a manual update and could even possibly be the start of more real time algorithm updates.

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