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Making your website searchable. Creative Ground

Making your website searchable for SEO is essential to the success of your website. Whether you’re making your website from scratch or you’re using themes from top publishers such as WordPress, you will need to know the top tricks to optimise your website and or online shop. Here are some ways to make your website more readable for Google bots to crawl over:

About Your Permalink Structure

Your website’s permalink structure can actually be considered as your page’s name tag. Without clearly stating the URL of your specific pages, it will be much more difficult for search engines to identify, categorise and present your page for visitors to see. You will then need to attach a readable address to your root domain. The simpler and less complicated your permalink is, the better chances you’ll have when it comes to being easily found by potential customers.

Additional Tips to Make the most of Your Permalink Structure

Be sure to limit your link from three to five words, as these slugs can make your page more accessible. Be sure your slugs will be related to what your page is all about. Naturally, your page’s content has to also be relevant to your target visitors. To separate your words in the Permalink Structure, you will need to use hyphens. Again, the key to making sure your link will be fully optimised is to see it as your page’s name tag in the eyes of Google bots.

Why is there a Need for Good Architecture in XML Sitemaps?

Aside from making your page as readable as possible for optimisation, your website’s pathways must also be directed in the clearest way possible. Cleanly and logically paved XML Sitemaps pave more chances for your visitors to find your website.

Your users’ overall navigation and experience will also be reliant on your XML Sitemaps since if search engines can see how your site is convenient to use, you will have better chances to rank higher. Increased UX can also lead to lesser bounce rates since it’s easier to navigate through the pathways of your website.

Some Tools to Help You Out

If you would need further backing to cleanly map out your site’s pages, you can embed a couple of tools into the dashboard of your website. If you’re fairly a beginner in web development, or you simply need to check how you’re faring so far with your codes, you can check out the Google XML Sitemap as part of your top references and guidelines. Should your site be backed by WordPress, one of the plug ins, you can also use would be Yoast SEO.

There are many more ways to fully optimise your website by exceptionally drafting your Permalink Structures, XML Sitemaps and Codes. To make sure you’ll get the most of your every optimising effort, you can also feel free to consult with an SEO and Web Development at Creative Ground.

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