Creating an Effective Landing Page

First Impressions

First Impressions Last – Even in the Digital World

So you want to create a lasting impression and get your product or services sold and referred? Well having an effective, great looking landing page is the way to go.

A landing page is where someone can be pointed towards in order to find out more about what you offer and, ultimately, how they can get their hands on it.

This being said, it makes sense that most landing pages will follow a similar format and below are some key points to remember before you start creating.

  1. Headlines say it all: Have a headline that makes a statement and attracts attention. Keywords are great as they show up better in searches, so use them well.
  • Make Your Copy Relevant: Make sure the copy or text that is on your landing page correlates with the headline. Often headlines are great and then what is written in the article makes no sense at all.
  • Know Your Audience: Make sure you have a defined target audience. When you have done your research and know more or less who you are wanting to target and who the people are that will benefit the most from what you offer, marketing to them and selling the services and products will be easy. Your conversion rate will be higher as well.
  • Simple Is Good: Keep it simple. When copy is too in depth and technical you often lose people after the first paragraph. You want to be able to create an interest with very little words – that is effective marketing. It also looks cleaner and more appealing to the eye.
  • Tell Your Story: Make sure that your potential customers know who you are, what you are about and what you can offer them, in the most clear and concise way. Again, too much information is not always the best practice in these situations. But telling a story that flows is great and entertaining.
  • Offer Solutions: Address customer concerns before they even have a chance to think about it. If they can go through your landing page and see solutions to their problems, you will make an impression that will most likely end up in a sale. People suffer from anxiety when it comes to challenges that they face, but knowing that you are able to address these challenges straight off the bat will calm those nerves for sure.
  • Mobile Friendliness: This is so important. It is all great that a landing page looks wonderful on a desktop or laptop, but statistics show that more than 50% of web traffic comes via mobile phones. So, if your landing page is not mobile friendly, people will navigate away from it and that is 50%+ loss of potential revenue. Make sure that when someone accesses your landing page via a mobile device that they are able to see the whole page as well as be able to click on the relevant links and be redirected with minimal interruption.
  • What Must I Do Now? Create a call to action that makes people want to act. And make sure it is easy to follow through, for example, click here for more information, click here to get in touch, buy now. It is important that when a potential customer clicks on a link they are redirected to the right place to complete their order or request.
  • Design Savvy: Having a little bit of a creative flair is important when creating your landing page. It needs to look nice. People like things that look nice, and so an appealing, attractive but simple look is usually the best. Good fonts, maybe a little color here and there, some simple graphics, all these contribute to a “pretty” overall look.

Proofread: Last, but certainly not least, make sure you go through your landing page copy with a trained eye. Yes sure Microsoft Word has a spell check and all that good stuff, but sometimes it is not quite enough and you still need to go through and check things yourself just to make sure it all makes sense and looks good.


A landing page is important now days because people want to be able to look you up online and see what you are all about. Putting the points discussed above into action when creating your page could put you in good stead of getting lots of traffic and ultimately converting that traffic into sales.

It is also important to remember that a lot of business comes from referrals, so when you are laying out your landing page, even though you should model it towards your target market, make it almost generic enough to appeal to the masses at the same time.

It may all seem a little complicated in the beginning, and you may need to tweak things as you go, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Happy creating!

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