Do you have Brand Guidelines

Brand guideline book with colour palette and typography for your business. Creative Ground.

When we sit with new clients, one of the first things we always ask is “Do you have Brand Guidelines”. It is extremely concerning how few actually say yes, and even more concerning at how few know what it is.

The primary goal of a brand guidelines is to protect your brand. Whether you are a sole trader, a partnership, a small company or a large company, protecting your Brand consistency is extremely important for anyone who needs to recognise you. Protecting the strength of your brand will continue to create value for your business.

Strengthening your Brand is done through Value, Understanding, Consistency, Relationships and Perception. Because your brand is one of your most important assets, it is important that everyone understands and knows how to use it.

But what is a “Brand Guideline” – it is a comprehensive manual for anyone who uses your brand and its components in their work, including employees, channel partners, designers and marketing agencies. It will provide practical instructions on how to use brand elements consistently.

Brand Guidelines provide information and tools and set the standards for using your brand from logos, typefaces and other design elements in advertising, brochures, newsletters, packaging, online communications and more. This will give you control over the way other people present your brand visually and ensuring consistency.

Building and reinforcing the perception of your company with customers, suppliers, employees, investors, journalists and the community, is essential to all businesses. Brand guidelines will help you to achieve that goal.

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