Boosting Sales with Astra and WooCommerce

Astra Woocoommerce

If you have a website where you are selling a product or service you would probably be looking at a WooCommerce theme to suit your needs.

There are many WooCommerce themes around but one that is top of the heap and has been reviewed by many and come out a winner is Astra WooCommerce.

Now we have previously spoken about Astra as a theme in itself, but now add the WooCommerce features, and bang, a major explosion of greatness is released.

So what exactly about this theme makes it so beneficial?

SPEED – Just as we discussed previously, one of the major reasons is speed. Having a store that loads and runs faster means a faster and higher conversion rate. It’s a no brainer really. The speed also dictates how you show up in Google searches and makes sure that visitors to your store stay there, right where you want them.

CODE-FREE CUSTOMISATIONS – You can take control of your store and make it uniquely yours. You can customise every aspect of your online store without using any code at all.

SAFETY FIRST – Our focus on standards means that your site stays safe and secure at all times. This is needed when there is a large amount of WooCommerce plugins in the mix.

You can also take a look here to find out what makes Astra itself a unique theme.


Try and picture yourself as a customer landing on your website homepage, what is the sort of thing you would be wanting to see? What would keep you coming back for more?

The answer would be the same for everyone: easy navigation, clean looking, unique and eye-catching. As you will continue to read, Astra provides this and so much more for you (and your customers) to enjoy.

You can display products and product-categories making it easier for users to find the right type of products they’re looking for.

The fact that you can make columns and list products in a way that is user-friendly for all devices is also a fantastic added benefit.

When you are working with WooCommerce and you are wanting to have a unique look and feel for your shop, having the fully customizable Starter Templates is a great added feature. This plugin greatly reduces the time and efforts required to build an eye-catching eCommerce store from scratch.

If you would like to take a look at some demo sites to get a feel for what you could use as a template, you can click here.

While Astra is a free theme you do have the option to get Astra Pro at a small fee. The additional benefits may be well worth a look:

Here is a detailed list of features available with Astra Pro.

Below you will find the various pricing options for the Astra Pro.

Annual Pricing:

Astra Pro — $59.

Mini Agency Bundle — $276 (Special Price — $169).

Agency Bundle — $523 (Special Price — $249).

One-time Lifetime Pricing:

Astra Pro — $249.

Startup — $996 (Special Price — $499).

Agency — $1893 (Special Price — $699).

Both annual and lifetime customers will get access to one-on-one support, extensive training, and unlimited website usage.

SEO is also extremely important when it comes to making sure your site gets in front of the right people at the right time. In short it is the use of words and phrases which optimizes your site to make it show up in search engine searches.

Astra is an SEO friendly WooCommerce theme that comes with built-in schema support. Schema is a structured markup that helps search engines better understand what your website is about to display more relevant results to end-users. This can result in a major increase in traffic to your site and ultimately creating more awareness and hopefully some sales.

You can also make use of Breadcrumbs and other features that contribute well to the health of your website.


Overall, this theme is pretty awesome. It does a lot for your eCommerce site which will be of high benefit to you in the long run.

Luckily, just having the free version is great as is, but add one of the options available for Astra Pro and BOOM! Magic!

When you incorporate Astra WooCommerce, you are almost guaranteed exponential growth in traffic to your website – and that is a definite YES from us! If you would like more information on Astra and WooCommerce, please get in touch with one of Creative Ground Consultants, today!

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