Achieving Maximum Results from Blog Posting

Achieving Maximum results from Blog Posting.

Creating a blog to attract traffic to your website, products and services is a must in today’s competitive Internet marketing space. Blog postings are probably the most important part of your content marketing campaign. The content from each blog post will attract, inform, engage, and compel your readers to act contributing to achieving your goals. To get the most from each blog post and to maximize results from blog postings it’s important to consider all the factors that go into making a result achieving blog post.

* Know Audience — Who are you writing the post for? You’re not writing it for search engines, you’re writing it people. If you know exactly who your intended audience is you’ll be able to formulate better blog posts.

* Know Your Purpose — What is the purpose of the blog post? Is it to get people to buy a certain item, to take a certain course, or to join your mailing list? Whatever the purpose is of the blog post should be the main focus of the blog post. Don’t water it down by having more than one purpose.

* Add Value — The reader should finish your blog post feeling like they accomplished something more than wasting time. They should feel more educated, more knowledgeable and informed than before they clicked through. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about them.

* Include a Visual Element — Putting images or videos in your blog post will make it a lot more interesting to the reader. For instance, if your blog post is a tutorial, having video and images to back up the “how to” aspects will make it even better.

* Include a CTA — Never write a single post without including a call to action (CTA), if you know your purpose the CTA should be a simple addition to the blog post. If you don’t ask your audience to do something, they’ll do nothing.

* Integrate Social Media — Your readers should easily be able to share your blog post with their friends and connections by using the social media links on your blog post. In addition, you should always share every single blog post with relevant social media accounts and groups. Don’t just post a link either, post a description, ask for people to go read it, and ask for comments.

* Send It To Your List — Every blog post you make should also be sent to your relevant email lists as a reminder to go read your blog. Ask your list to share your blog post with others. It’s a great way to get others involved in promoting an important post.

The days of throwing up any keyword rich content are over. Today, readers expect to get value out of blog posts. Do include keywords, but realize that it’s going to take more than keywords to get readers to stick around and read what you have to say. In addition, readers want to converse about the blog post. By making it open for comments and discussion you’ll create more opportunity for more people to see your blog post and act on the CTA.

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