7 Things You Must Know to Optimize your Website Perfectly

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Optimization is necessary when it comes to the internet world. The fundamental rule of web world is basic search engine optimization. It is through SEO’s help you can take your website to the top of the search engine and reach to your targeted customers. The main function of SEO is to create a fabulous user experience and help users find the relevant information with ease. Therefore, before optimizing your website, you must keep these 7 points in mind.

1. Your website is just like cakes: Treat your website gently; it is as delicate as a cake. The links, social media work, paid searches and other related things are like icing on the cake but the main part is your content and the information architecture. The infrastructure, content management system is the sugar that completes the cake. Before optimization of the website, work on these aspects with proper attention.

2. What search engine looks for: Search engines look for relevant content to the keywords. To make user experience good, search engine tries to deliver information relevant to the keywords user type. Thus, it is important to pay attention to content, website’s performance, its authority and user experience.

3. What search engine does not look for: Search engines have their own limitations. So, do not try for shady tricks, it might hurt you back badly. Search engines cannot tolerate keyword stuffing and purchased links. If your website is not user-friendly, you will not get the support of a search engine. If your bounce rate are high, search engines will also throw your website away.

4. Understand your business structure: It is important to understand your business model first before handing it over to a search engine. Understand your goals, your targeted customers. You need to understand your assets as well as your liabilities. All these are important while optimizing website.

5. Optimize for multi channels: Keyword is important to implement on the website. However, it is important to implement them to other platforms too. Therefore, go for multi-channel optimization. These channels include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email and other media platforms like TV, radio and so on. You need to consistent with keywords in these platforms too.

6. Consistent with domain name: Domain name is very important and you need to be consistent with that. It is better to use sub-directory root domain than sub-domains. Also, try to add keywords in the URL and that would help with search engine ranking.

7. Optimize for different devices: Apart from optimizing for desktop, do it for smartphones and tablets too. Make rich media content like video as they rank higher. Also, optimize your non-text content; search engine would find it easily. Optimize flash or PDFs as well. Apart from these points, another point that needs attention is the Meta data. Content in your website must have title tags and Meta descriptions. With all these points in mind, you could surely go for an enhanced optimization.

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