3 Way that you can make money with Youtube

Earn Money On Youtube

What is the buzz with YouTube? So many people are fancying themselves as master vloggers and the next big YouTube star. Whether it be in the name of fame, you have too much free time on your hands or, and this is a big one, you are wanting to make money from YouTube, you will want to take a look at the tips and tricks in this article.

Again, just like we mentioned in a previous article about making money blogging, this is not a get rich quick scheme or something that will happen overnight. If you are going to start a channel and want to make money solely from that, you will need to invest many hours into creating content (and you may need to invest a small amount of money too), however, if done right and you find a tactic that works for you … you can make large amounts of money as a YouTuber.

As you read on you will discover more about the lesser spoken ways to create an income stream while using YouTube.


YouTube is HUGE, let us not beat around the bush here. Videos are viewed by over 5 million users daily and most spend more than 40 minutes on one video. Almost everything and everyone is on YouTube these days, from the epic fails to destruction of washing machines and fans plus all your regular gaming YouTubers, you name it, it is on YouTube.

But, of late, businesses are also taking up the opportunity to advertise or market themselves and their product offerings via YouTube. It could be a short informative video driving traffic back to their website and ultimately ending in a sale, or it could be that they are actually selling their product completely via the YouTube sight. Whatever route they decide on, the presence of businesses and brands is increasing on YouTube.

The question though is what other ways can you start to increase your income stream via YouTube?

In the next section we will look at 3 different ways in which this can be done.


The three main ways YouTubers create a lucrative income stream are:


Creating and advertising platform

Affiliate Links

Let us start with the first one.

ADVERTISING ON YOUTUBE – This is basically where you create your own ads for your product or service and you pay YouTube to run your ads. These ads are well received as they are seen by a more engaged audience who is more likely to follow the link to your website and ideally convert into a sale, or at least a warm lead you can nurture.

Now there are various advertising options available and they are as follows:

TruView Ads – Are longer form ads which show up just before a YouTube users chosen video. They can in In-Stream which a user can skip if they are not interested and the Discovery ads which are on the right-hand bar at the top above the “up next” video. These a user would click on if it peaked and interest in them.

For this particular ad it would be great to showcase your brand and what your business can offer a user rather than just trying to get them to click through to your website. You almost want to create a long term memory for a user, give them something to remember.

Bumpers – These are best used as a compliment to a TrueView Ad as they are a lot shorter and play intermittently between longer YouTube videos.

PreRoll – These are similar to In Stream ads but they cannot be skipped and go up to 30 seconds. These ads are great to use to entice the audience to visit your website or landing page to make a purchase. A punchy call to action is key here.

ADVERTISING PLATFORM – This could be a slight easier way to create a lot of income but there will still need to be some sort of effort put in.  The below is one of main ways to become and advertising platform.

YouTube Partner Program – Many YouTubers go this route because the income can potentially be huge. But this program does require a fair deal from you as the channel creator.  The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) allows the website’s most successful YouTube channels to monetize their content by serving ads made and paid for by other YouTube users. There is a criteria to qualify for this program which is – you need 4000 hours of video views as well as 1000 channel subscribers. Once you have this you can then apply for the program. You can read more about this program and how it all works here.

AFFILIATE LINKS  – This is very similar to using affiliate links in your blog, only difference is you are using in video mode. This type of money generator works well for those YouTubers who do how-to videos and product reviews and so forth. It is easy to sneak that affiliate link into the description or comments and a good call to action within the video will help to navigate people to click on the link and (fingers crossed) purchase what you recommend.

The above ways to create an income stream via YouTube videos are tried and tested by many a YouTuber, and just like everything in life not everyone will be as successful as the next person, even if using the same tactics, but you will find what works for you if you put the hours in and perservere.

You can read more about the individuals who have actually used these methods and have seen exponential results over here.


More and more people are wanting to create an online presence and ultimately create an income stream from this online presence. YouTube is a very good way if you have something relevant to share and something that other people want. You could put thousands of hours of video content together and get little to nothing back, but you will never know unless you give it go.

Look into the various ways you could monetize your YouTube channel … you never know, you may be the next big YouTube sensation of 2021!

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